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Soil Services

Precision Ag, Inc. provides specialized soil services to help you with agricultural production needs. Owned and operated by one of California’s premiere soil scientists, Dr. Lowell Zelinski, we provide expert investigations and recommendations for vineyards and other crops. We are based in Paso Robles, California but offer these services all along the California Central Coast and the southern San Joaquin Valley.

  • Soil Investigations
  • Soil Analysis

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For more information about the Decagon ECH20 soil moisture monitoring products, please click here.

Soil Abbreviations and Terms

Below is a list of abbreviations and terms used in this report. Consult a soil fertility guide such as the Western Fertilizer Handbook, Published by California Plant Health Association for more information

B: Boron

Ca: Calcium

CEC: Cation Exchange Capacity. A measure of a soils ability to retain cations. (Ca, Mg, K and Na are the major cations)

Cl: Chlorine, but in most agricultural applications it refers to the chloride ion

Color Code: Official method of determining soil color. Numbers indicate the Hue (i.e. 10YR), Value and Chroma. (i.e. 6/4)

Critical Level: values that represent nom1ally deficient, adequate and/or toxic levels of substances in a soil sample

Cu: Copper

dS/m: deciSeimen per meter. A unit of measure for ECe

ECe: Electrical Conductivity of the saturation extract. A measure of a soils ability to conduct electricity. Used to estimate soil salt content.

Fe: Iron

K: Potassium
Lime: Calcium carbonate, the test indicates the amount of effervescnes when an acid is applied to a soil sample

meq: Milliequivalent a measurement of the amount of charge supplied by a certain weight of an ion. It takes a different amount of each ion to equal one milliequivalent.

Mg: Magnesium (do not confuse with Mn)

Mn: Manganese ( do not confuse with Mg)
Na: Sodium

N03-N: Nitrate-nitrogen. The level of nitrate ion in a soil sample expressed as nitrogen

ppm: parts per million a measure of the concentration of an substance

% BS: Percent Base Saturation, Of all the base elements (Ca, Mg, Kand Na) what percentage is either Ca or Mg. pH: A measure of the “reaction” or acidity or alkalinity of a soil.

P04-P: Phosphate-phosphorus. The level of phosphate ion in a soil sample expressed as phosphorus.

SAR: Sodium Absorption Ratio. A measure of sodium’s potential to cause deleterious soil conditions

Texture: Terms used to describe the relative amounts of sand silt and clay in a soil sample.

Zn: Zinc